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Press Release  December 11, 2019


Houston fine art photographer reveals new collection on January 31st., 2020.


Bogdan Mihai, the executive producer at Buburuza Productions, LLC is holding his first public photography exhibition in this country of his new series entitled “Inheritance” on January 31st, 2020, from 6-8 PM at Silver Street Studios in the Washington Arts District.  A second showing will be held on February 1st from 11-1 PM


Mihai, a Romanian born immigrant to the US, has lived in the Houston area for the past five years, working on his video production and art career.  His work has been exhibited in Romania, Argentina and Switzerland, and “Inheritance” marks his first public photography show in the USA.  


“Inheritance is a very important series for me, as part of the Romanian diaspora.  So much has happened to our country over the years, and so many of us have moved away to pursue our dreams.  But what will become of what we left behind? What will be our legacy?” (Bogdan Mihai)


“Inheritance” chronicles the decayed state of the thermal bath resort in Herculane, Romania.  Discovered by the Romans, the healing springs were later gentrified by the Austro-Hungarian Empire into one of the most beautiful spas in Europe.  After decades of neglect and corrupt mismanagement, the once majestic architecture is crumbling back into the forest. “The spa was the playground of the aristocracy, and like so many of  those old families, the resort has withered away and been forgotten.” (Bogdan Mihai)  


Mihai has photographed the site for several years, and due to some renewed interest in conservation and eventual restoration, he was invited to photograph the ruins one final time before they were boarded up last September, and crews of workmen began the process of cleaning and shoring up the remaining structures.  


Contact: Bogdan Mihai  936 668-0109

Location: Silver Street Studios  2000 Edwards St. (Door #1)

Time: 6-8pm, Friday January 31st and 11-1 PM on Saturday, February 1st. 2020.

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