Buburuza Productions, LLC provides photography and video services for a variety of businesses.  Whether you are a real estate  professional, agency, organization, corporation, or nonprofit, we create the right campaign to support your message with unique and effective visual experiences.  

Video production is composed of three phases:

1.  preproduction, when the project is discussed and planned out,

2. production, when the actual filming happens

3. and postproduction, where the magic happens.

At our studio, we can work with you a project from the beginning to the end, or we can help with the postproduction if you already have all the footage and want to create a final video.

Pricing of video production varies depending on the project. Some requires specific skills and technology, long hours on production and/or postproduction. All estimates requires a pre-meeting to understand the complexity of the project.

Please email us at: bogdan@buburuzaproductions.com, john@buburuzaproductions.com



Phone: 936 668 0029

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