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Photographing Fine Art Artworks

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Buburuza Production is a photography studio based in Houston, specializing in high resolution fine art documentation. As an artist, capturing your works in professional quality images is essential for both business and career development. Whether selling affordable reproductions or submitting to exhibitions, collectors and clients expect to view your portfolio digitally. Fine art reproductions also allow those with limited budgets or space to enjoy your creations. Buburuza Productions assists artists in photographing 2D and 3D works at the highest resolutions to meet these needs. Their experience over years has benefitted hundreds in the local community. With studio-quality photos of your entire collection, you present yourself as an accomplished professional. Contact Buburuza Productions by email at or phone 936-668-0109 to discuss packaging. Located centrally in Houston, their dedicated team ensures your vision is captured faithfully. Invest in high-resolution documentation and expand your audience today.

Installation of artwork at Houston Forever exhibition downtown Houston
Verny Sanchez photographed by Bogdan MIhai (Buburuza Productions)

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